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Do you want to retain healthcare attorneys who passionately care about protecting your interests and have the experience you can count on? Do you want your healthcare lawyers to be readily available to you, work tirelessly towards your success, and provide innovative solutions?

Concierge Healthcare Attorneys, LLC brings to you inspired and insightful legal counsel, of Barney Cohen, the ultimate insider – a specialist who has over 30 years of experience as General/Senior Counsel with renowned healthcare organizations, and as a private practice healthcare attorney in Chicago. If Barney Cohen can help you, call him now for a free consultation at 312-804-1739 or send an email to: 

Our law practice is focused 100% on the delivery of healthcare law services to physicians and other healthcare providers.

Our law firm offers a wide array of cost-effective, personally designed, professional and corporate legal services. Concierge Healthcare Attorneys, LLC delivers clients a world-class healthcare law practice. Our intellect, education and experience are on par with the largest health care firms in the nation.

  • Concierge Healthcare Attorneys, LLC strives to find the best solutions to our clients’ challenges and problems.
  • Our lawyers have a full understanding of the complex environment in which our clients work.
  • We develop individualized legal plans that best meet our clients’ current goals and long-term objectives.

The Concierge Healthcare Attorneys pride themselves on their ability to deliver top-tier healthcare law services in a highly cost-efficient manner. We appreciate that legal costs can be of great concern to our clients, and offer flexible rates based on each client’s individual needs.

Collaborating with our clients, consultants and co-counsel is a top priority. We work as a cohesive team with our clients to solve difficult challenges and keep the ball moving forward in the best solutions. Our unique concierge healthcare law practice provides exceptional and comprehensive legal services for medical professionals; make Barney Cohen and Zoya Mian your personal on-call healthcare attorneys!

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